What is book-matched marble?

Book-matched marble is a trend using ‘mirror image’ marble slabs on the same surface area. When executed correctly it is a stunning way to show off the natural beauty of marble.

To create this look it is important to work with an experienced fabricator who can work with multiple slabs cut from the same marble block. The fabricator will template your chosen surface and install the marble by aligning the veins and markings to create an appearance of ‘pages of an opened book’. The precision of the alignment needs to be perfect in order to ensure the slabs are finished seamlessly, If the slabs are installed with even the slightest degree of error, this will undermine the book-matched effect and the overall finish and will not be as expected. 

Not all marble is suitable for this application, it is best to use marble which has distinct veining or markings otherwise when the slabs are aligned it will be hard to appreciate connecting markings in the match-booked 'look'.

In a nutshell ...

  • Multiple slabs cut from the same marble block.
  • Best to use marble with distinct veining and/or markings. 
  • Its an effective way to show showcase the natural beauty of marble
  • You need an experienced marble fabricator



This is an example of where we have used a beautiful calacatta borghini marble on tv unit. 

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This is an example of where we have used a beautiful  grey/blue marble inside a shower area.

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My 4 favourite marbles





Locations inspiration for your

match-booked marble 





Product highlight: Marble side and dining tables



As a company we receive trade discounts from various suppliers , if you like any of the below products or you have something in mind we can help to procure that for you.

The prices below reflect the retail price of the products at the date of the blog post, these retail prices do not state the trade price. The trade price would need to be confirmed whilst raising an invoice and could vary depending on the finishes chosen

Theodore Alexander - Colter oval dining table (bianco carrara marble worktop)

£ 4,900

Opera contemporary - Oscar dining table (gold calacatta marble top & alpi green marble)

£ 12,415

CasaMilano - Dupre circular side table (Calacatta marble top)

£ 2,520