Benefits of creating a ‘tactile’ mood board

24 September

Why mood boards matter

by Sophie Phillpotts-Dowding




This is part one of a two-part mini blog, about electronic and tactile mood boards.


Tactile mood boards - Sophie Phillpotts Dowding



mood board


an arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text, etc. intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept.


The above description is written as the definition of a mood board, I do like how it is defined to ‘evoke’. For me a ‘tactile’ mood board is a collection of different samples, which when layered give a tangible experience to the proposed room. These mood boards are ‘touchy-feely’ which enables you to feel and view the different proposed materials in person.


Tactile mood boards - Sophie Phillpotts Dowding


I created this mood board with Tuscan’s vibrancy in mind, the leather is a similar colour of the traditional terracotta tiles. Start the mood board with the floors and wall, then move on to thinking about the soft furnishings, such as sofas. Then little details such as trimmings, just make sure you keep the whole vision of the finished room in mind as you go along. Once you have all these elements together you can edit out what you don’t think is fitting well and add to it if you feel something is missing.


Tactile mood boards - Sophie Phillpotts Dowding Tactile mood boards - Sophie Phillpotts Dowding


One of the great things about a tactile mood is that you can have all of the textures right in front of you. When you get the fabrics together, you can see how the plain and patterned samples compliment each other. This helps to make choices on how you want the room to feel, for example a warm soft bedroom vs a dramatic achromatic scheme.


Tactile mood boards - Sophie Phillpotts Dowding


It is great to be able to physically see and touch samples of potential trimmings, flooring, wall paper etc. Nothing beats seeing the colour in real life and to view how different light effects it. When viewing fabrics online the true nature of them are not truly ‘seen’, it is always best to order a sample.

TIP – When ordering samples, order the one you are looking at, as well as in the shade up and down from it.


Tactile mood boards - Sophie Phillpotts Dowding



"From a minimalistic approach with only raw materials as its adornments, to one that is flamboyant and giddy with colour and décor. I have always been interested in how we interact with interiors, and the various different styles and opinions we each have towards our own ‘perfect’ interior."


by Sophie Phillpotts-Dowding