What is a PVD finish?

PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition - PVD) is a coating which is added to a product surface to add colour whilst significantly improving the durability of  the coloured product. This is ideal for decorative colours such as rose gold, brass, gold, black and bronze finishes which are popular in joinery, bathroom and kitchen fittings. As these areas are used daily a gold coloured product, for example a shower head, would overtime patina and loose its finish, whereas a PVD finish product will not fade, scratch or tarnish. The process is also more environmentally friendly than alternatives such as electroplating and painting.

In a nutshell ...

  • Durable will not fade, scratch or tarnish
  • Available in copper, gold, brass and bronze and custom colours
  • Can be confidently used  in within your interiors
  • Ideal for bathrooms and kitchens
  • Environmentally Friendly Process


3 places to use a PVD finish

 in your 




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3 companies which offer

PVD gold products 



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Product highlight: Products with a PVD finish.


As a company we receive trade discounts from various suppliers , if you like any of the below products or you have something in mind we can help to procure that for you.

The prices below reflect the retail price of the products at the date of the blog post, these retail prices do not state the trade price. The trade price would need to be confirmed whilst raising an invoice and could vary depending on the finishes & final choices chosen.**

Components Ombré

£ 979.99**

Cygne bath mixer

£ 10 899.06**

Nihal Porcelaine

£ 5 237.28**